Assisted Hatching is done while the embryos in laboratory. Before being implanted back to the uterus, a hole/gap is made in the external layer of the embryo or it is diminished, using specialized laser equipment.


Assisted Hatching has normally being performed using a micro needle and laser and by corrosive absorption of the external shell. At Delhi IVF Fertility Centre, we utilize the most recent laser innovation to give our patients the quickest, most secure and most uniform method for Assisted Hatching accessible today knows as Laser Assisted Hatching.

During the process of Laser Assisted Hatching, the external shell of the embryo is broken by discharging a couple of laser heartbeats. The laser is terminated far from the cells of the embryo so that the cells are not harmed. This procedure greatly enhances the capacity of the embryo for further growth and developmentand therefore greatly increases the chances of pregnancy and live birth rate.

A good infertility specialist may or may not be a gynecologist. Remember A good Infertility specialist should be a good Ultrasonologist, Psychologist, Andrologist, Endocrinologist, Sexologist and over and above A good passionate human being!!!

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