Looking at so many sites and credentials of different infertility specialist become very confusing & it is very hard to choose the best for you.

The definition of GOOD can be different for different patients & you really need to invest your time in this. You can e-mail, Phone or if possible visit a few clinics or talk to few of your friends who have either visited or benefited with a particular clinic/doctor.

  • Experience in the field of Infertility.
  • No of cases he/she is doing/year
  • Location/accessibility.
  • Convenience to commute to particular place/clinic.
  • Fee structure (affordability)
  • Professionalism
  • Does he talk to your personally and listen to you patiently?
  • Does he understand your emotions/ He does not look at the watch repeatedly? while listening to you?
  • Does he explain to you problem efficiently? And discuss treatment plan, success rate and alternates effectively. Does he have fully equipped state of art culture LAB suiting to your requirements?
  • How effective is his embryologist? is taking good care of your eggs?

It is not compulsory all the times that a good infertility expert will be gynecologist. Remember A good Infertility specialist should be a good Ultrasonologist ,Psychologist, Andrologist, Endocrinologist, Sexologist and over and above A good passionate human being!!!

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