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At Delhi IVF we have the utmost respect for all admirable young ladies, who make a decision to help other ladies or couples to extend their family by donating their precious eggs.egg donation We understand the needs of both the egg donor as well as the prospective parents also and give support at every step of letting you meet your own child.Egg donation is a process by which a lady, who is not able to conceive a child or facing several complications during pregnancy, borrows another lady’s egg. When a lady is found with the inability to conceive a child using her own egg, then she can take another lady’s egg and this is called egg donation process in india.


Most of the patients come to us to know the process with their family member or their friend also and sometimes they themselves arrange for a lady who gets ready to donate her egg. But in the case of not getting able to find out an Egg Donor Delhi, we at Delhi-IVF also help to arrange a lady who can help you by donating her egg to make you become pregnant. This process completes while following the IVF treatment and gravely Egg Donation Process gives you a one more chance to get your child.


In Egg Donation process at Delhi IVF, borrowed eggs are fertilized keeping with the man’s sperm after following the preliminary preparation of IVF treatment and once the process completes then the resultant embryos are transplanted into the woman’ uterus. So that woman becomes pregnant or gets ready to deliver a child. In fact, after connecting us many women till the age of 50-55 have become pregnant by this technique.

Delhi-IVF also helped a US doctor for a 55 years old patient to get pregnant.


The egg donation process consists of two phases. 

In the first phase, ovarian hyper stimulation, donors receive a series of hormonal drugs which cause the ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs during one menstrual cycle.

During the second phase, egg retrieval, mature eggs are removed from the donor through a surgical procedure called transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. Egg donors india are expected to spend around 60 hours for screening, testing, and medical appointments throughout the course of the procedure.

Egg Donation India, the process of assisted conception using donated eggs and the donor will be given hormones to get your fertility cycles synchronised, she needs to ovulate when the lining of your uterus can support an embryo. She will also be given fertility drugs to help develop several mature eggs for fertilisation. When the eggs are ready, the donor will be given sedation anaesthetic, and a doctor will remove the eggs using a fine, hollow needle. (An ultrasound helps the doctor locate the eggs.) After this a IVF procedure is followed. In both egg donotion india and embryo donation india the procedure at this point is the same.


  • Women who have no ovaries or do not produce any eggs needs donated eggs or embryos to conceive.
  • Women in their forties have a low chance of success with assisted conception treatments using their own eggs because egg quality declines with age. Using donated eggs is also an option sometimes taken up by older women.
  • If other treatments such as IVF have been unsuccessful, some couples decide to pursue egg donors or embryo donation.


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