AT Delhi IVF & Fertility Centre we, being pioneers in IVF field and with vast knowledge & 22 years of experience, are specialized in previous multiple failed IVF cycles.We have successfully being able to treat many hundreds of such couples.

Many couples are married for upto 20-30 years and with no children trying treatment for many years, But at Delhi IVF they have been able successfully to become pregnant.

IVF success rate is approximately 40-50% (at the best centers around the world).Today, the most frustrating moment with infertility patients is IVF failure and due to implantation failure.

This refers to infertile patients who have undergone one or many IVF cycles and have not conceived for various reasons like

  • Implantation failure,
  • Poor quality embryos,
  • Poor quality eggs,
  • Age factor,
  • Poor endometrium,
  • A gamut of unexplained reasons

What Delhi IVF do?

But that should not stop you for further treatment of IVF and infertility. Because of many years of experience and numerous patients we have treated, we at DELHI IVF are very accurate and experienced in our approach to previous failed cycles and achieved excellent results. We have had many patients who have got excellent results after being dejected due to multiple failed cycles elsewhere. In fact, in many cases , we have become the referral centre for dealing with such difficult cases. In India our pregnancy rates in patients who have failed IVF cycles elsewhere, is very high (50-70%), because we can transfer more embryos in difficult patients (Unlike clinics in UK and Australia, where the number of embryos which can be transferred is limited by law).

Patient, who often do poorly in other IVF clinics are those who may also have PCOD. Because many doctors are so worried about the danger of OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation) in these patients, they often end up super ovulating of these patients, and retrieve few poor quality eggs compromising the pregnancy rate.

But We at Delhi IVF .prevent OHSS by carefully aspirating each and every follicle at the time of egg retrieval , and flushing it repeatedly with a double-lumen needle, until it collapses completely. By removing the follicular cells which are responsible for producing VEGF and causing OHSS, we have been able to prevent OHSS in PCOD patients very successfully in our clinic by using this novel technique.

Other Options Could Be:

  • Perform an Embryo
  • Changing protocols
  • Fertility enhancing endoscopy
  • Immune Therapy( LIT)
  • Donor options ( sperm/egg/ embryo)
  • Surrogacy
  • Adjuvant therapy (accupuncture, yoga etc)

So.. Don’t be disheartened… gather courage…move forward!!
Speak to your doctor!!…clear your doubts…
Repeat IVF or ask for alternatives!!!
With advances in fertility treatment.. giving up is not an option!!
Remember failure should not prevent you from dreaming of a life-time of happiness!!!!

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