A test tube baby was born in the Capital of India on January 5th 1998, using the sperm injection technique by doctors at the Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre. The technique, known as Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) involves aspirating single healthy sperm from the testis of the male with the ovum from female, and then fertilizing both outside in the test tube before putting it back in the womb. This technique is useful in male infertility cases where the sperm count is so low or absent (but the sperms are produced inside the testis, testicular dysfunction) that the conventional IVF is also not useful to them.
success story


  • 8000 ART babies till June 2015.
  • 1000 menopausal babies till June 2015.
  • 650 Surrogacy procedures till June 2015.
  • First blastocyst baby in Delhi 1999.
  • First IVF-ICSI baby in 1998.
  • 2900+ Egg Donation Cycles.
  • 1st test tube baby in 1994.
  • 1000 Pregnancies in post-Menopausal females delivered till June 2015.
  • Delivering over 250 healthy babies every year continuously since from the last 5 years.
  • Delivered the first Test Tube Baby Successfully delivered in 1994.
  • First ICSI Baby in New Delhi at Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre in 1998.
  • Successfully delivers babies of post-menopausal women. Now even grandmothers can become mothers too.
  • Has set up an embryo bank where freezing of embryos has made an important contribution to overall pregnancy         rates by sparing mother from undergoing repeated operations to secure more eggs in case of failure of cycles.
  • Successfully using Assisted hatching techniques.
  • Successfully delivering babies by surrogacy.
  • Successfully delivering babies by egg donation. Females who do not ovulate can become mothers too.


A conference was organized by the Research Centre in 1998 which was highly appreciated and was well attended by more than 400 doctors. The main objective of the conference was to bring awareness among doctors about every aspect of infertility management.

Eminent speakers like Dr. R.P. Soonawala (Mumbai), Dr. Shiela Mehra (Delhi), Dr. R. Rajan (Kerala), Dr. G.Dastidar (Calcutta), Dr. S.Vaid (Germany), Dr. H.D. Pai (Mumbai), Dr. Pankaj Srivastava (Dubai), Dr. Rupen Shah (Dubai), Dr. Sadhna Desai (Mumbai), Dr. R.N. Bagga (Delhi), Dr. Ajit Vasi (Mumbai), graced the occasion with their participation. Dr. J.J. Sood compared the full conference

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