A growing number of infertile couples from the U.S., Britain, and other Western counties are finding that the path for parenthood leads them to Asia and India is a preferred choice for them. These couples are not seeking to adopt, but for surrogacy.Hundreds of foreign tourists spill into the country every year to take surrogacy as an option to have a baby. India has become the world capital of outsourced pregnancies, whereby surrogates are implanted with foreign embryos and paid to carry the resultant babies to term. In 2002 the countries legalized commercial surrogacy and as in India surrogacy treatment are easily available and very economical.

At DIFC we have a large databank of such surrogates through references and make them available to you. In fact you have options to choose from as per your choice.

Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy is a situation, whereby the woman who bears the child is actually the genetic mother of the child. She will have the sperm of the intended father or the sperm of an arranged donor implanted in her and then carry the child until the birth. Traditional surrogacy is a good option for a woman, who wants to have a child, but is unable to do soon her own due to infertility or inability to carry a child. The arrangement will state whether the sperm is to be from the man who intends to be the father or a pre-arranged sperm donor.

Traditional surrogacy can sometimes be an easier process than gestational surrogacy as the surrogate will be supplying the eggs for the arrangement and there is often less to do than when it comes to gestational surrogacy where both the egg and the sperm must be collected and implanted.

Gestational Surrogacy

With gestational surrogacy, both the egg and the sperm are external to the surrogate’s body. In other words, the egg and sperm come from an outside source and the woman will have no genetic attachment to the surrogate child. With gestational surrogacy, both egg and sperm are implanted in the woman in order to produce pregnancy. The egg and sperm can be from the future parents or they can be donated from another individual.

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